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A Day In The Life

Wild Roots currently meets 3 days a week in Denton, Tx. Our space includes a community room, 4 classrooms, a kitchen, a beautiful outdoor playground, and more!

Our Rhythm


Soft Arrival, Open Play

This is a time for learners to transition into their day at Wild Roots, and begin using materials in the space.


Morning Group Check-Ins and Intentions

Learners meet together based on age and development, for a morning check-in. During this time, they might do group projects, set the intentions for the day, discuss what they want to learn about, and create a strong bond within the group through team building.


Community Meeting & Lunch

Community Meeting is where our learners get together to make decisions for the community. We encourage open discussion on any issues in our community, or ideas. We also encourage our learners to eat lunch together in order to have fuel for the day. 


Learning Is Natural

This is the time for learners and facilitators to organize and execute classes based on their interests. Learners can also use this time to engage in self-directed play and other forms of learning.


Reflection And Contribution

As a community, we gather together to reflect on our day. Then, we all work to clean and tidy the space.


Parent Pick Up

Time to go home! We ask that parents pick up their learners by 3:10PM at the latest.

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