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We Trust Kids.

Wild Roots is a self-directed learning community where we provide a nurturing environment for meaningful education.

With Freedom to Learn,
Great Things Can Happen.

At Wild Roots, we are dedicated to building a learning community for all ages. We believe that traditional school isn't the best way for everyone to learn, so we've created a space where individuals can come together to think critically, ask questions, and explore the world around them in a collaborative environment.


We strive to make learning meaningful and enjoyable and to foster an environment of creativity and exploration. We’re here to provide the tools and resources to help each person reach their highest potential. Join us on our journey to make learning better!

Mallory, Mother of 4

Our family loves Wild Roots! The facilitators are kind and welcoming. They are diligent and treat everyone with compassion and respect. Children are treated as equal partners and have a voice in how they spend their time. This program has had such a positive impact on our family, and we absolutely recommend it!

Jason, Father of 2

We are so thankful that we get to be part of Wild Roots. Our son gets so excited about going, and he thrives in the self-directed environment. Denton is lucky to have this space for young people where they can learn who they are, and what they want at their own pace. 

Kimmy, Mother of 2

I trust Wild Roots because I know that my children will be treated with the utmost respect. Learners here are invited to co-create their environment alongside their facilitators. They are empowered to invent their own clubs and lead their own classes. Accountibility and freedom go hand in hand here. We love Wild Roots!

Jana, Mother of 3

My son's ability to problem solve and resolve conflict has improved immensely since attending Wild Roots. He is so much more self-confident that it's like he's a different kid! I never thought that he would choose to be in a group setting like this after some previous educational trauma, but he is absolutely flourishing now!

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